How do i access my belkin router settings? - Computers & Internet

Netgear routers default IP address is . Navigate to the IP via address bar of internet browser..If you do it correctly you will see a new login window.."The default username and password are "admin" and "admin" respectively.This will gives you access to the control of router..

If the login information provided above gives an error then the password have already being changed.The last solution is to reset your router physically by pressing its reset point.
If any other problems are seen plz reply..

Are you sure you are connecting to your wireless router and not a
neighbors wireless router by accident? Try connecting to your router
using a ethernet cable and typing in its IP address. Your Netgear
routers default IP address should be 192.168.x.x (gateway address).

open internet explorer and type 192.168.x.x and the will get u to the
belkin router page and then click on mac address control and then type your password to get in to the router and it will take u to all the mac
address u have allowed or denied.

Good luck!

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