Simlock samsung SGH-P207 - Samsung SGH-p207

Using the codes you can unlock your sim lock in your mobile because its safe for your mobile...
Get the sim unlock code for your samsung sgh p207 model mobile from this site , here it gives the easy methods to get the mobile unlocked........

I've got this problem, too. nickholbrook's solution won't work because when the phone is in this state, none of the keys work.

I tried out an on-line unlocking service at which unlocks and unfreezes phones, but my phone was not recognized by their unlocking program, I think the reason was that the phone just getting to the title screen isn't far enough along in the boot process for the unlocking software to recognize a phone is connected to the PC.

Does anyone know of any other solutions a user can perform?.

wtz th samsung c.c phn no:

here is new master code

and then keep pressing 9 no key
its works on all new model of samsung
100% tested by me

this is the fixe of the prob

give me fixe ya rate!!

New phones are often not unlockable online. If your phone is not present on this list: Samsung Unlock
, then it wont be possible to unlock it at home, but you will need to have the unlock done at a local phone shop.

keep trying until phone locks and then contact your SP or manufacturer for a PUK code

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