Charging walkie talkies

I have Model GA-CC Cobra Walkie Talkies (2) and a base charger. The back of the walkie talkies appear to have a battery compartment with a push button, however, I can't seem to open it to replace the batteries. The hard plastic belt "loops" are in the way. They are no longer effectively charging in the base. Can you help?

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Pls test the Voltage output from adoptor with the help of a multimetre , if voltage is OK i mean 6~7 volt opne the base & see for any wire cut , or dry soldering.



Hello, I am trying to recall this model's structure,------- Have you the user's booklet that came with it?Get a magnifiering glass and carefully and patiently look round the battery area,use the edge of a thin blade knife to probe that area for any movement. However before this are you sure that the charger is working? and/or putting out the requried voltage, this voltage should be on the charger some where. A meter of some kind would be required for this purpose, (perhaps a friend would have one) also go to Google and ask for a copyof a booklet on that model, they can scan it and email it to you,
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This is more for "mshtexas" than the OP but I'm sure there may be others out there wondering the same thing. The power cord that comes with this unit has a 9.0v output at 200mA with the center pin being positive

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