My little tikes red walkie talkies aren't working. One has static, the other is silent. What to I do?

Check the batteries. When left on, the batteries will continue to dis- charge (and what kid turns things off?) and eventually ruin the battery.

This one should be a very close match. The T4508 is a foreign version of the T4500.

You are describing an open squelch. If this unit has a squelch control, adjust it until it quietens.

If the battery voltage drops below a certain point, it won't squelch. That could be caused by a battery that needs to be charged or a bad battery that won't charge up correctly.

you have opened up the squelch - refer to the manual to close and return radio to normal operation

Scanning Channels

Use scanning to monitor channels for transmissions or to find someone

in your group who has accidentally changed channels.

1. Short press
MENU until the "Z" appears. The current setting

On/Off will flash.

2. Press either
+ or to turn On or Off.

3. Press the PTT to confirm or
MENU to continue set up.

Here is a link to the manual

motorola need service contacts are holding in it.

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