Need fan arm for a Hampton Bay 52''. Bellini - Model 729395

Try these two: 1) look for a small switch up near the light area on the dark-colored area of the fan. If a switch is there, then simply flip the switch to the other position; 2) if you have a remote control for the fan, the reverse mode may appear on the remote control. Hope this helps.

I checked the hampton bay site and unfortunately whatever dip switch setting on the fan is, the remote needs to be matched to it. better get out the ladder!


I saw contact information to see if they can locate the part.

Checked but maybe needed to use a different model number. I saw AC552RM52B as well.

It slides in above right above the ball, in the mounting bracket where the canopy is. You may have to kind of encourage it to go in there, and you will need to push wiring off to the sides and out of the way to help it have clearance to get in there.

Ebay is the best place to find stuff like this.

Replace the LED assembly with CFL lamps..

Go here for details and pics..

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