Which way is the fan supposed to turn in summer? I would like to know where is the button to reverse the direction?

Only the remote decides when the fan reverses. Weird, I know. Depending on room temperature and selected temperature (on the remote), the fan will reverse direction. For example: If you set the remote temperature (set temp.) for 74 degrees and the actual room temperature is 70, the fan will reverse to bring the warmer air (which is always closer to the ceiling) down and warm the room until the set temperature is reached, then the fan turns itself off. The remote monitors room temp and selected settings and repeats the cycle.

I e-mailed Thomasville Lighting after my original post but did not get a reply. I then searched and found a similar problem on this site (http://www.fixya.com/support/t187540-ceiling_fan_not_reverse_remote) and read the Best Solution which mentioned running the fan at medium speed (not low), then pressing the Reverse Direction button....it worked. As stated in the original suggestion, this was very counterintuitive and not documented in the manual.

CCW Should be on side of motor.

Read this on another thread - apparently the solution came from HB's tech support.

Turn the fan speed to HI and then select Reverse.  You should hear a "click" and see the fan reverse direction.  It seems that the reversing relay only works when the fan speed is set to HI.

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you want the fan to turn anti clock ways in winter as this sucks the cold air upwards pushing the hot air from the roof downwards. and clock wise in summer blowing cool air downwards to cool you

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There is a switch on the housing of the fan. It is under the blades and above the lites if you have lights. Also same area as the chains. That is the reverse switch you might have hit it when cleaning the fan. just flip the switch iy goes left to right or reverse.

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