Bosch nexxt premium

Dryer start button will not work. Have to turn the control button around and around before it will work.

Have a Nexxt 3300 and believe yours is about the same so yes, several screws to remove from the back. Top also has to come off because two screws to the back are under the top. And for the top to come off the control panel has to be pulled away. Only four screws under four white caps to remove for panel to be loosened. The top is attached with two screws in the back and four nylon clips under the top. The red reset button will be easy to see after removing the back. It is attached to the heating element housing. It is not hard to do, just a pain to get to the reset button. Link to Bosch appliance website with give you a diagram to help. Good luck.

I had the same trouble after moving to a new house, I first thought I had a voltage problem. It turns out that the heating coil has a high temp re-setable switch in side the back - lower right side. the sencor has 2 screws, I took it out and cleaned off the lint and now have dryed 5 loads with 0 issues. looks like a flaw in design that would allow lint to get in the heating coils!!!!! I think I'm going to look for a new dryer before I burn down the house!!

Check that the w/m is level (not necessarily with a spirit, just that it doesn't rock and roll), lock the foot nuts up to the machine. Check the pump filter and outlet pipes for blockages. A machine will be noisy if it taking to long to discharge the waste water. If you have moved the w/m and are in a hard water area, you may have dislodged built up lime and that has created the problem, run a heavy duty descaler (designed for w/ms) through the w/m.

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There are a couple of scenarios which may prevent the dryer from starting with Bosch, but with the most common there are two thermostat's/switches
which could be reset, plus a no reset hi-limit ( on the lint housing )... i.e.


...which cannot be reset, but the hi-limit is the one related to heating...located on the heater housing and the other (emergency shut off/belt switch) is by the motor shown below.

To save time and back and forth dialog, I`ll mention the most likely and what to do about it.

**Unplug the dryer before attempting any repair tips suggested here first**

There is an auto shut off or emergency kill switch next to the motor I alluded to which will prevent it to start in the event it was tripped for whatever reason.
This is the most likely scenario in my opinion based on your post...but again it depends on your model.

This will require you to remove the back panel again though. Once you've remove the rear panel, It will look like this image below and all you need to do is push it to the right ( from the back )...


Since you`ve already taken the back of the dryer off before to gain access you should have no problem.

Either Scenario I alluded to will require the removal of that panel so let me know if you require further assistance to do this.

The other would be resetting the hi-limit cut out, You can see through the back vent opening when the vent tube is removed ( cannot be removed without removing rear panel the first time, but if attached a certain way can be done each time after ) and then by pushing the red button in...shown below.



Keep me posted how you make out or if anything is not clear or if your model is completely different...some have line fuses at the back.

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Belt broke or came off. Replace or reset belt. Be sure to reset the switch that the tension arm activates when tension is lost.

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