How do I replace the drum belt on a Maytag Neptune drying center? This is the dryer that is as big as a fridge!


Look here at part #24...

The notes for part #24 give you the other parts and help that you will need to stop the squeek. The drum rollers or the front bearing is the problem.

While you have it apart repalce it all.

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OR..... you could watch the video...

Email me a response to [email protected] and I will be more than happy to provide you with parts breakdown illustrations and possible part numbers and locations to replace. The service amount verses the do-it yourself amount will be well worth the savings. Typical labor cost on appliances are 75.00 per hour and a mark up on the parts. If you feel you can do it yourself after getting the photos e-mailed to you, it will save you approx 200.00 if not a lil less or a lil more.

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my bottom dryer the light dont come on or when i press start it wont start all i hear is a click...any solutions?

Mine did same thing within warranty. There is a motherboard problem in them that is cause by power surge during an eletrical storm. First try unplugging for 10 minutes and see if it resets. If that doesn't work, you need to have the motherboard replaced that runs the unit.

Repair man took the front off my unit and replaced entire motherboard. He stated that it was a known issue with that motherboard. I have had no problems since my motherboard was replaced 18 months ago.

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