I have a MinkaAire model TR110A remote. It does not have a reverse. The wall switch is a standard on/off wall switch.The fan is blowing upward...how can I reverse?

There is a switch on the housing of the fan. It is under the blades and above the lites if you have lights. Also same area as the chains. That is the reverse switch you might have hit it when cleaning the fan. just flip the switch iy goes left to right or reverse.

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First of all, you should Never put two or more fans on the same remote (my opinion). This is what happens. If the remote function is on the transmitter, You have to turn the power off to the correct fan while you correct the direction on the other fan. If the reverse function is not on the transmitter look for a reverse switch on the fan. Somebody might have moved it when cleaning.

Look for a reversing switch on the motor housing.

not installed and wired correctly

if you did the installation , get in a electrician to rectify the wiring installation

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