Last year my remote worked just fine now it will not work my fan what do I do to get it to work? Already changed the battery still no work

It's probably the electronics inside the fan. They may need replacing.

Change remote control receiver in fan canopy

its more likely the fan itself has burnt out each universal control comes with a means to manually enter a code to if you have one with the manual you amy be able to set the ceiling fan frequency to a preset to be used if your fans remote is the issue

I think before trying to program it into another remote you make sure in whatever way you can that the fan itself can be turned on manually by hand so you know that it is not the issue

hope this helped

most of my fan controls have done this to me. you know the reciever is working cuz the fan works fine. you need to dis assemble the remote completely and clean the contacts for the light button. mine are two small black dots that seem to keep getting slimey and wont work till i clean them, then all works like brand new again.

good luck.

Unfortunately, you either have a faulty reciever or remote. A replacement will cost $30-$40 at homedepot2.gif. And it doesn't matter which is faulty because you can't purchase them seperately anyhow.

in the remote and the fan the little blue box is called a dip switch

you will have to open fans base to access the remote power sender

on both the fan and remote the dip switches have to match in order for the remote to work the fan properly

or your signal will never make it to remote box

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