I was a dinner lady from 1996-2001 and then for solihull council to pressed day. Is to too late to claim for the equal pay a lot of dinner ladies claime?

Maybe with the assistance of an attorney in your jurisdiction, which I am unfamiliar with.

you can most likely buy the valve body but then it has to be fitted to the transmission, after that has been done you don't know if there are any other problems with the vehicle I would be a little wary to go down that path myself, after you have bought the vehicle it becomes your problem......hope this helps........cheers.

well you can remove the front valve cover and check to make sure all the rocker arms are moving if they all move then the cam is not broken if they are not all moving then the cam is broken

The button shpuld be on the dash just to the right of the steering wheel

the desind is **** they should put drum in the back the problem with not driving enought the part get rusty the caliper bushing get hard and get stuck pressure on the brake stay on a bit the metal of the rear rotor get fatique it start to rust and when the car stay there not running the rust it the rotor out the worst thing is there nothing you can do about it maybe 1 thing apply the hand brake daily what it does the brake caliper bushing move more by moving there less rust that accumulate on them they stay lub longer hope it FIXYA our problem thank you


If the service says it's free and they ask for money don't deal with him. there are many companies that try to get you to buy lifetime warranty for engine repairs and starter repairs transmission repairs and are a rip off. I should state that not all are rip off but some are. When you asked for the flat rate price to R and R the starter that should include the time to remove and replace the cost of the rebuilt starter and the core charge of the starter, and if your state has sales tax then include that as well.

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