I like the lockbox app. But suddenly my titles got scrambled with letter and symbols and I cannot read ny title. How can I fix this. I have downloaded Likebox Pro.

Some places like Best Buy offer a disk that you put into the changer and it will reset the deck.

It seems that your tray is broken/jammed, the fact dark res does not play may have to do with an issue on your system not the drive. I have fixed this problem before but I suggest if the seal is intact call sony and see what they can do.

If not let me know I can give you some directions and if you need a new part hook you up there.

If you dont want to bother let me know I do buy broken ps3's

sounds like you may be getting ghosting from the fuser unit upper heat roller may be worn

well it seems you deleted your songs but not the titles. weird huh but that happened to me too. so hook it up to your computer, go to " my computer", and then right the icon that is your device, and then click format and that should take care of that.

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