Have multiple select drop down list via vba code in excel 2013. Works great until i protect sheet then only single entry allowed. Can you help? Thanks

Thats a lot of form work to be expecting out of Excel. You might be better off using Access, creating a table. If you need to export it back to a spreadsheet you can. The validation controls are better in Access and don't have a lot of limitations to them.

Good luck on that

Found on the internet and it seems to work:

The default setting for each cell is for them to start locked. So, you
first need to highlight ALL cells in the sheet, right click, choose
format, go to the Protection tab and take the tick out of the Locked

Now no cells are locked.

Now you need to select the one cell you want locking. Right click,
choose format cells, Protection tab and then put a tick into the Locked

Locking the cells does not take place until you have locked the sheet.
So go to Tools, Protection and Protect Sheet. Add a password of your
choosing, and put a tick into every option available to you, EXCEPT the
very top option. "Select locked cells" should NOT have a tick in it.

OK that to confirm, and hey presto, that cell can no longer be
selected, edited or erased unless you unprotect the sheet by entering
the password you chose.

yes it is.

A1 (50)
A2 (50)


"=Sheet1!A2+Sheet1!A1" <-this is the actually code in sheet2 column A1

ok let me explain
in A1 and A2 in sheet1 you got 50 and 50 like numbers.

in A1 on Sheet2 you have = sheet1 a1 + sheet1 a2.

did you get it?
dont know else how I should explain it...
good luck

i'll just reply to your conditional sumif query.

yes, you can do multiple criteria query but with a matrix formula. you may look it up. nonetheless, here is how one would look like:

{=sum(if(range1=A x range2=B x range3=C, sum range))} note that x (multiplication) is used to denote intersection of the criteria

initially, you'll enter it as:
=sum(if(range1=A x range2=B x range3=C, sum range))

then, edit the cell (F2) and press ctrl+shift+enter for the brackets { } to appear.

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