Memory and memory recal

Inserting memory values and recalling memory values

The STO> button just above the on/off button is your memory store initializer.

example: 2x + 53 STO> y

stores "2x + 53" in a variable named "y".

To recall, just hit y and enter. In fact, if you type an equation like 3y^2 - 4y it will insert the data in for every "y" and give you:

(2x + 53)(6x + 155) as an answer.

To clear the memory:

DelVar y or F6 (2nd+F1) and clear all w/ single character names.

To recall a prevous answer, 2nd+(-) or type ans(1) for the last answer. You can also type ans(2) for the 2nd to last answer & so on.

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