Unlock my samsung sgh-x426 - Samsung SGH-x426

A hard reset will clear everything out of the phone and reset your

perform a hard reset on a Samsung Phone:

1) Take out the battery
remove the SIM card.

2) Put the battery back in and power on
the phone. (Important: Leave the SIM card out of the phone for right

3) When your phone comes back on, type
in *2767*3855# .

4) The phone will go through a reset process.

5) When it
comes back on - turn the phone off and take the battery out again.

Now, put your SIM card back in
your phone and turn it on.

Your phone should be completely
cleared including the security

i need the puk code for a samsung shg-x426


Click on this above.This will take you through an unlock.Don`t forget to put the sim in the phone.

Unfortunately, your going to have to call the Manufacturer or your phone to solve this issue. The Manufacturer of your phone would be Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola. They are the only ones who have access to this information. Some places may charge you to get the unlock code but most won’t so it’s really hit and miss. Nokia charges 14 dollars. In this case you need to contact Samsung. I’m sorry your having so much trouble with this! I hope I was able to help you today!

Maybe your phone is locked to AT&T. I've searched the net to find the unlock codes for my fone and it worked. Search for code calculators for SGH x426. The instruction is also included in their websites. It's fairly easy.

Also, make sure that your sim is from the network provider in your country.

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