I need Manual internet settings for nokia lumia 520.

Automatic settings but nothing so far. I see an arrow pointing upwards on my screen. Please advice

Often these settings are carrier specific so you need to speak to your network provider and they should be able to give you the details.

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I just bought an IBM Thinkpad r31 for my kids, that may have a connection problem, or it may be with the HDD or controller. It comes on intermittently, and when it boots, may only stay on for a few minutes before it locks. The power button will light, as well as the batt. button, but the screen will remain blank, not even going into bios. The HDD light is not on in these instances. Nothing from when the power button is turned on. When it does boot, it will boot into windows quickly (less than a minute from the ''Windows XP is starting'' screen to windows fully opened.) I don't think it is a software problem. You can use it for a few minutes to an hour and it will just lock..no blue screen, no error message. It just locks. The mini PCI access door on the bottom of the unit feels a little loose, but the mini PCI card itself feels tight in the compartment. Here is the strange thing. When I was looking for loose connections, I pulled the HDD (Hitachi 30GB with 4200 RPM speed), I must not have put it back in correctly. It booted until detecting the hard drive, then I was given a ''operating system not detected message''. That's to be expected, but it would boot repeatedly with the HDD disconnected. I tried it about 10 times to be sure. Windows disk error check turned up nothing. On CMOS, I turned off the ''power suspend'' on the HDD, to make sure it wasn't stuck in suspend mode. It appears to be all or nothing. Either a blank screen without error messages, or works normally, at least for a few minutes (the longest was an hour). I doubt the batt. works, but the AC does, and shows a full charge. (once you disconnect the AC, you lose power). The fan is working, but the HDD does feel warm when it is running There is a DVD/CD-RW combo that works, I tested it with a DVD and it ran. I don't have another HDD to put in to see if it a HDD problem. Any suggestions?