Chair has no speed and battery lights show charged and goes down fast

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Whirlpool Duet washing machine model# WFW9451XW00 started powering on and off by itself. You could still manually turn it off or on but it would power on and off by itself. So I locked the controls by holding the lock controls button for 3 seconds. Next day I placed a load of clothes in the machine and it started just fine but 10 minutes are so into the cycle it started beeping and before I thought to look for any code I pushed the cancel button and it started draining. Now it will not power on, no buttons work except for the controls lock button. I replaced the Microcomputer Machine Control (MMC) and pushed the power button and it turned on but I had to leave so I pushed the power button and turned it off. When I returned, approximately 30 minutes later, it would not power on again. The only button working is the control locks button. Please advise/ help. Thanks!