Amp on but no bass

I have a kenwood KAC-8101D amp and about 2 weeks ago the bass started to cut out but i though it was because i was using a conver box for the rca's so i found the deck i wanted and i installed it and it started doing the same thing excep now i dont have any bass at all before it would cut out for few seconds and come back but now nothing the power light is on and i rewired the subs from the box out and i wanted to know if my amp is toast because if it is im just going to get a new one because its under warantee. thanks in advance

1st make sure the speakers are not bad, check th eimpedance with a multimeter, the voice ciols should read 3.9 to 4.3 ohm's. if any of your subs are below this most likly the subs are bad. if they are ok make sure the ground for the amp is good. now the last thing is the amp. try another pair of speakers, even if it's smaller ones, just make sure they are 4 ohm speakers, keep the vol. very low during your test. if the other speakers do not work then have your amp serviced or replaced. good luck

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