Re-set to factory settings required - Computers & Internet

Note. You need to have recovery files on your d; drive. Unplug all your usb devices EXCEPT mouse/keyboard. As a factory restore will wipe all data from your c; drive. you need to backup any files that you want and you will have to reinstall any programs and updates you have put on your pc, but should have your pc like new.

1.  Insert the Applications & Support disc into your DVD drive and              restart your PC.
2.  On the restart a screen will appear "BOOT FROM HARD DISC" or             "BOOT FROM CD"
3.  Press the 2 key to boot from cd.
4.  Press 1 for Start Recovery.
5.  Press E for English.
6.  Read the Licence agreement and Press "esc".or "Yes"
7. Then move the cursor to "Yes" to accept the Licement Agreement,          are ready to continue.
8.  A warning screen appears ,telling you to refer to the manual when          using this process is displayed, you now are presented with three         options.
     Recover Startup Files                                                                          Recovery of System and Drive Files
     Restoring Factory Settings
9.  Select "Restoring Factory settings" 
10. You will get a warning about data loss-select Finish.
11.Select " Finish"a second time.

Hope this helps.
Regards Bill

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