Amp heating up

If your ground wire isn't in a good spot would that cause the amp to heat up

Here is the link for the user manual for your amp if you need it;

a poor ground connection can lower the voltage available to the amplifier by essentially adding a resistor in series with the amp. low voltages can often cause overheating in electronic components, but not always and unusual in amplifiers.

The poor ground connection itself would get hot, even to the point of fire, and a certain amount of heat is conducted along the wire into the amp terminal, unlikely to be enough to make the amp run hot without you noticing smoldering cable insulation.

What exactly do you mean by "not in a good spot"? - a ground connection is only in a bad spot if it is likely to get damaged, or not making a good connection all the way to the battery. - please explain more.

A poor ground could lead to low voltage, which could lead to component damage, which could cause the components to run warmer than normal and is probably not reversible, but usually relatively easily repaired.

Page 2 of the manual describes the protection function, which should activate if your amp is getting too hot - if it hasnt activated then most likely the temperature you are experiencing is normal. The protection will also cut in if the ground is bad.

Hope this helps :)

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