I have a pair of Bell Phone Two Way Walkie Talkie Radios Model Number 99141 that comes on but is locked. Been some time since we used it, so I can't remember how to unlock it or find the manual on it.

Here is a link: http://www.giantintl.com/ContentManage/manuals/Moto/T55xx.pdf Have a nice weekend.


Channels are selected by tapping the center button once then using the arrows. The next tap of the center takes you to the CTCSS, DCS, and other functions follow. When scanning simply tap the transmit button and it should stop on the selected channel. Channels 8-14 are FRS channels at 500mw. These are the preferred channels to use for most people. 1-7and 15-22 are considered GMRS and requires a FCC License. Many people have been known to use these channels without having the license. This form of pirating is not recommended. I have included these links which could be of help to you.

To find a PDF Manual for Midland LXT310:


To locate information on obtaining a GMRS license:



Press to Monitor and Mode buttons at the same time. This toggles Key Lock On/Off.

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Your only option here would be to send the radios back to the manufacturer to get them to unlock 'em.

Sorry I couldn't have been the bearer of better news.


I think you'll think this is fantastic: http://www.giantintl.com/ContentManage/manuals/Moto/T8500%20English%20only%20June5.pdf

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Tesco does not list operating manuals on their web site, so I suggest that you contact them directly by following this link:


They should be able to provide you with the needed manual.

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Try holding down the ENTER button

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