1987 cadillac brougham security system

Icannot start the car because of the security system the key turns but it won,t turn over how do i get it to go off

Pulling the fuse will not help with the security system. This is an ANTI-THEFT system. If you could just pull a fuse, so could the guy trying to steal your car. Go to this link for info on the VATS PASSKEY antitheft system by GM. This will shed some light on this problem.


Find the fuse for the security system and remove it. This should diable the security system, but on most cars that I have seen this, the security system won't stop the car from starting and you may have another problem. I would try removing the security's fuse and see if it starts though. Most of the older security systems like yours are very limited and are basically junk. If you get around it by pulling the fuse, I would leave it that way and if you still feel you need the security system, I would have one installed at a car stereo center, which will be much better than the one that came with the car.


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