Have a Motorola XV2100 VHF two way radio that works well except the volume control must be turned all the way up so you can hear it. The radio is about 5 years old and was never used very hard. Even with the volume turned all the way up it the sound is equal to a medium whisper. The other radio I bought at the same time works well. I have seen the same used radios on sale on ebay with the same problem. Any help, guidance, or cost of getting it fixed is greatly appreciated. Ed

Hi Ed,
The VHF radio that is quiet, does the Speaker have a rattle, even very slight? if so that speaker could be faulty, and /or also does the volume control make a scratchy noise when you rotate it?
if so this could be faulty try some CRC down the shaft let it sit for say 15 minutes then rotate the conrol from stop to stop a few times.
To service--- well, would pay you to get a quote first from one or more service establishments if repairs are required.
Good luck,

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