Can't get walkie talkies to communicate - Motorola Talkabout T5820 (14 Channels) 2-Way Radio

Scanning Channels

Use scanning to monitor channels for transmissions or to find someone

in your group who has accidentally changed channels.

1. Short press
MENU until the "Z" appears. The current setting

On/Off will flash.

2. Press either
+ or to turn On or Off.

3. Press the PTT to confirm or
MENU to continue set up.

Here is a link to the manual

Tesco does not list operating manuals on their web site, so I suggest that you contact them directly by following this link:

They should be able to provide you with the needed manual.

Bill B

This one should be a very close match. The T4508 is a foreign version of the T4500.

I think you'll think this is fantastic:

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If they are both the same model, make sure both the channel and ctcss codes match, as there can be 38 codes per channel, if they dont match u will not be able to communicate between them

that will show you how

hope this helps

You will find the manual here. The radio is part of the 280 series radios, so there is a general manual on all in that series.

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