Internet settings for k850i

please help. I'm trying to setup the correct settings to browse the internet and send/receive emails.
what is the procedure?


You will have to actually call your service provider to know the right configuration.But anyways give me the name of your service provider.I'll let you know.

Activate gprs from ur mob sim card provider...then download opera software in jar format from google ..then transfer tat software to ur mob thro datacable and istall tat sofetware in ur mob ...then use tat software and continue surfing with the help of opera...

use tis link and download opera and continue surf...

Generally your program in the phone allready exist you need to call your service provider to see if they have given the phone authorization to connect to the web. I know this is a hassle sometimes but they are the only ones that can do this. I know i had the same trouble with my samsung through AT&T/Cingular. Once your connected to the web you all you need to do is just follow your promps on the phone. hope this helps. please rate this solution. thank you good luck.


Could you give us the name of the Cell phone provider ,so that we can give you the sorrect setting



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