Exhaust fumes comes through my heater in the car

I think i have a manifold leak

The heater draws air from outside the engine compartment, usually from the grille between the hood and the windshield. check to see if the carpet is wet on the passenger side floor, under the glovebox. I suspect you have a leak in the heater core, and you are getting coolant fumes rather than exhaust fumes. Other signs of a heater core leak would be oily film on the inside of the windshield near the defroster vents, and low coolant level or overheating. If you do actually have a leak in the exhaust manifold, it could be cracked, or leaking from joints in the pipe or where the manifold bolts to the head. If the leak is at the head, you will hear a sharp hiss every time that cylinder fires. You might also be able to feel the hot gas escaping, if you (obviously use extreme caution to not get a severe burn) put your hand near the manifold. If exhaust fumes are getting inside the car, you should also look for unplugged openings in the firewall. The firewall should be as airtight as possible so you should not smell any fumes even if there is a leak.

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