Reset parameters for samsung s2 portable hard drive


It is due to virus activity. Some
virus make the contents
of the drive hidden, thats why user can't see the files. This can be
fixed and data would be available to you. However, there are number of
steps involved.
It is
suggested that go
would show the
hidden files/ folders, if the system not infected Otherwise, from the
clean/ virus free system you can see your data and copy all
the required files/data. Select the required files and right-click and
change the properties of the file by un-checking the hidden attribute.
Please note that you can not change the properties (hidden attribute of
the files) if the files are marked as system files. To change the
attribute of such folders you can download and use iReset. Just drag the files/ folder to the iReset and it would change the folder attributes to normal and you would be able to view the files normally.

Also, make sure that you have a good antivirus
installed and its updated. Scan your system and clean it.

Let me know if any further clarification/ assistance is required.

Hope it helps! Good Luck! Thanks for using Fixya!

you can recover files from portable hard drive with asoftech data recovery program.

Hi, mine was formatted to MAC and worked fine. Suddenly for no apparent reason I can only copy from the HD but not to it. I checked the disk permissions and they are set to read and write. Also, it's been quite capricious about showing up on my desktop. I tried to verify permissions and repair it via Disk Utility, but I get an error message that the disk cannot be repaired. Is there a way to fix it without losing my backup (i use it with Time Machine) ?
Many thanks,M

same problem here, started happening just yesterday and now it's just flashing and is never detected.. I've tried emailing the Samsung support, will tell you if I receive any useful answer (as proposed by the very helpful person at )

external HDD are plug and play devices and will be recognized automatically, the problem detecting large capacity drives like this relies on what type of hardware you are using (laptop itself). what I am trying to point is that old laptop only recognize lower capacity drives and thus have this issue.

but if you are using the latest hardwares and OS, just let me know so that i can pin point the problem.

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