Fujitsu plasmavision where do I hook up the coaxial cable for cable?


May I know if you haven't a sound in all inputs?

If you hooked up the sound input to other system before, you must hooked up now the audio input at the back of your TV to get the sound.

Please double check the audio hooked up at the back panel of your TV, try to hooked it first on Audio1 input, then to Audio2 input, and finally to Audio3 input.


I had exactly the same problem with a Fujitsu General PDS4208E. After looking at the forums etc bit the bullet and tracked down an ORIGINAL remote. Paid yesterday, arrived today - batteries in...screen back on!!
One proviso here: Before you pay big money for an original remote (and ONLY they will work with these 2nd generation plasma screens not universal remotes) make sure that your screen WAS working before it was in the standby mode.
try on +44 208 968 1444. Ask for Andy. He seemed to know what he was talking about. About £50 +VAT plus next day delivery charge.
Alternatively borrow mine at £5 a button press!! ;-))

Picture but not sound on my Fujitsu Plasmavision. TV used to be hooked into a control 4 system that handled sound but now no system is attached. Help! Tried adjusting the sound settings for a while last night to no avail.

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