How do you remove a Python 990 security system

I own a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am. When I bought it, it came with this rediculous alarm system. I was wondering how to remove the entire system.

Why do you want to remove a killer alarm in a car that is actually appriecieating in value instead of deprecieating? Not that it's any of my bidness but just wonderin... OK, so if your all gung-ho to pull it out here is what you gotta do...

1. Crawl under the dash and find the alarm "brain", it is a little black box with a gazillion wires coming out of it. Make damn sure you got the brain too it should have Python Logo on it.

2. Ok now your under the dash becoming one with the wiring looms and you will see on the brain a white molex (plastic) plug with about 18 wires coming out of it. You see it?? Good now reach up and unplug only that one plug Pilgrim and NO MORE... OK now.

3. Try starting the Trans Am with the key does it start ok and all the gauges, switches all work?? Excellent now shut her down and crawl your *** back under the dash and take out the other white plug from the brain and try starting it again... If all is good again shut her down and remove the rest of the wires from the brain and now your killer Trans Am will soon be importing illegal Mexicans from the border to Phoenix sometime next week when some stoner jacks your ride!! just kidding. let me know if you run into any snags... mark

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