Oil in exhaust manifold on vito mercedes 115 2005

Oil in exhaust manifold

It is either under the Windshield Wiper Cover, just forward of the firewall or in the TRUNK of the car.

buy some engine oil dye at any auto parts store

a uv lamp will be needed to use to locate the leak

this works best with newer cars and so many things in the way

Have to remove the inside door panel & most

likely replace a broken window regulator or cable

for sure obviously it is a piston sealing o rings you need engine Extensive maintenance

Is it turbo charged and if so this could indicate that seal in turbo is bad..

high i have a 2002 merc vito. there is exaust fumes coming through the air vents when moving. i have to keep the air circualting with in the cabin to stop it, but does any one know how to fix my problem?

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