I have a set of unwired 2- way frs radios, they have hardly been used, in mint condition. Problem is that the volume on one radio is very low. Have to hold it up to your ear to hear anything. Volume is turned up all the way, and both radios are on all the same settings. Battery switch is on batt ,as I am using AAA batteries. What might be the problem??? (model UFR-650)

There's little info available on these radios. The manufacturer has a specialty making wireless headphones and other automotive electronics. The company's logo however is identical to those displayed on the radio, so they should be able to get you what you need - or at least direct to where you can get it.

Contact UnWired Support by your choice of mail, email or telephone at this link.

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It blew a component. A technicians cost is high enough to make this a scrapper. It is cheaper to buy a new one.

FRS radios are so cheap, toss it and buy another one. Problem solved.

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