Just got a Vizio 55"

Based on my understanding of what you have written you are able to connect your directv remote and the television in some small way albeit just a volume bar appears on the screen. If you are certain the volume bar is coming from the television and not the set top box then you've most likely ruled out the television being the problem. Even though the directv remote does not turn the televison on and off that doesn't indicate the television not working properly because it's all in the codes you enter. The simplest way to check the sound on the television is to connect the directv set top box to the television with composite or component cables including the red and white audio ones provided that your box is not a basic coax to television connection one. Then you should be able to use the source/input/av/video/aux button on the television to choose the proper input to display your direct tv set top box. If you still do not get sound try connecting the box to a different input on the television if possible. You can also try connecting a different device to the television i.e. a dvd player.

If the remote that came with the television has a light at the end of it look at that end through a cell phone camera. Press a button on the remote control and you should be able to see the light blinking. This will indicate that the remote is working, and you cannot see this with the ***** eye.

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