Cable in connection

Our cable wire coming from outside is a different connection than the "antenna in" socket on the ilo 32HD. Is there a special connector for it? Where would I get it? Thanks.

You can go to Radio shack and buy a female coaxial to male RCA adapter it screw right on to the cable then you can plug it into the TV.


Most TV models/cable providers uses the F type of coaxial connector as shown below. cable in connection - 7c21c7e.jpg
However, some versions intended for other regions (Europe & Middle East) uses the PAL type of connector likewise shown below.
If your model uses the latter and your cable provider uses the F type, what you need is a straight F type Female to PAL Male adapter. Or it could even be just the other way around.
They are available in most electronic parts/supply store or online. You can try here, here or here.

Hope that this be of idea/help. Pls post back how things turned up, r should you need additional information and/or if your cable connectors are of different types. A photo of the connectors would be nice.

Good luck and kind regards.

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