Phillips magnavox 55" projection

I have a 55" and the green and bluew are haloing aroung whites and like the show "House" everything is blue because the scrubs are all blue. The faces are sometimes blotchy because the colors are not blending. the lines are clear but then there is a fog or halo.

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Could this also make the tubes squeel?

Could this make it squeal sometimes as well?

The coolant needs to be changed in the CRTs ( picture tubes) this is a very common problem with all phillips and magnavox rear projections. Changing the coolant will restore the color and brightness and stop the halo effect. You can get the phillips CRT coolant kit at the following link and it includes all the coolant and the step by step instruction CD with pictures. Its actually a fairly easy job. Heres the link its listed under the repair Kit category.

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