Internet settings vodaphone australia

I need the gprs and http , port number and all other settings to access theb internet off my iphone using a vodaphone sim card in sydney australia

there should be a setting some where like on contacts or under vodafone should say

Get settings - if not go on google type in Vodaphone GPRS settings

Check ,unlock, it's maily for iPhone ut u can check ur operator,s setting and write them down to use.

Well if they have stores there that sell sim cards you can go and ask the store guy which sim card you need and they'll give you the right one... goodluck:)

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gprs is not acceptable on current model of iphone instead a new 3g enabled model is due 2 launch n dat will accept gprs

Hi probably the best way to do it is to contact vodaphone. If your out of contract they can't refuse but can charge a reasonable fee, usually not extortionate, but at least you know its unlocked properly!

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