Sharp aquos fault

I bought a sharp aquos tv 11 months ago and it has now developed a fault.
When the set is turned on the picture will instantly disappear and continue in sound only. It wil take many re-starts for the set to provide a steady picture. When warm it will start immediately.I have discounted loose aerial fault as a different tv will work o.k

Please advise


I also got the same problem and waiting on the technician come in this friday. But your insight into this problem helps us with tracking.

Thanks to this forum, I was able to confidently contact Sharp and get my TV fixed.

My 32" LCD had the same problem (sound but no picture) and was out of warranty, however I phoned Sharp UK and suggested that it was a manufacturing defect rather than component failure and should be repaired free of charge - which they did!!

I tightened the six screws on my LC-40C32U and it seems to have worked. It's been bugging me for weeks.

This fault has been fixed on my TV by the Sharp Engineer. Inside the cover on the right as you look at the back is the PCB that controls the back lights, the screws holdong this assembly can come lose. The engineer removed the PCB and the metal cover over it, cleaned the pads on the board and where the PCB touches the metal cover  and the TV chassis before putting it all back together making sure the screws were properly tight this time. He also at this time uppdated the firmware / software which apparently fixes a few other bugs like the pictuer going blank if you quickly cycle through the channels.

Just want to say I tried the option of *no 3 solution (gues)t posted Oct 2007 and it worked.

my tv is going great guns now. Fantastic. Just want to say thanks.

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