Sharp aquos cycling on and off

Hi. I just bought a 32" sharp aquos LCD (model 32d64u), got my high def cablebox all setup and enjoyed watching tv for 2 nights. Then tonight in the middle of watching a show the power on the tv shut off. Then on, then off. it did this every 8 seconds or so for at least 5 minutes before I unplugged it, waited a while and plugged-in again... Same problem. I've disconnected every a/v connection between it and my cable box and dvd player and it still does this. I guess I should just return the tv? Like I said, it is brand new. All help appreciated!

Sounds like a power supply or button problem.

its under warranty call 1800-BESHARP

Let me know what they find

There is a firmware upgrade to the main board that corrects this issue. contact the servicers at

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