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My tr-503 sounds great have bad satelite speaker need home web site so i can get new one

Hi Deb:

You are kidding aren't you? what you have is a "White Van System" a system bought out of the back of a van. You can also find them on ebay of course. They are sold as high end stereo equipment when in reality, they are strictly extremely low end terrible poor quality junk from China. To get a replacement might be touch since you never know where the white vans will be in your town. They do have a web site you can try, which is If you really like the sound, they try their website or ebay to get a replacement. Good luck. Chris

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My SATURN 2002 L100 is having a serious issue and i need help pleeez so i can still drive it even tho i havent the rpms are going way up n too fast n the speed limit is very low n too slow iv been told many diff things could be wrong like trani or leak quite a few things iv looked around n asked qs while giving as much info as possible but still no for sure answer or even close to sure PLEEZ HELP even if i can find out whats wrong i can call around n get estimates I NEED MY CAR FOR WORK :(


Model PTG-42PVN There is no error code showing. I used the hot water last night, this morning I have very little water flow through any of the hot water faucets. I opened up the drain valve below the unit, same thing. I removed the water filter, there was nothing on it. I unplugged the unit and waited for approximately 10 seconds and plugged it in. Same problem. I left a faucet open then unplugged the unit, nothing. When I plugged the unit in, there was water flow for maybe 5 seconds (the unit sounded like it was on, then tapered off like I shut the water off). The system will not work while plugged in or unplugged. But once I plug the system in (lighted area in front of unit is off) it will allow flow of water for less than 10 seconds.