I have a sharp lcd 55 inch tv my neighbor was going to throw it away and i decided to keep it my wife and i wete trying to figure it out but was recommended to ask here. So the tv turns on and has sound it just has no picture i just want to know what could be the problem the tv is in amazing shape and screen has no cracks her autistic son used it to play video games.

Yes, however, the Display is as much as a new set.

if it is limited to external glass the glass can be ordered separately but if there is internal crack on pdp itself would have to replace pdp. from my experience generally if it limited to crack on external glass there still should be picture so there may be additional damage to plasma display itself

hi you looking at 1400 for just the screen if you had your tv less than a year then you are covered for one year by sharp so what i would do is call sharp and see if your covered on cracked screens

Most LCD's just went down in price by around 2-400 dollars. I would suggest buying a new one. The cracked screen might mean that the liquid will ooze out and get worse and worse as it ages. However, it may only have a crack and not get any worse than it is now. If you can live with it and it doesn't get worse, you can view it that way for another 10 years and be fine.

The fact that the LCDs are cheaper now and you only have a 37 inch, you might consider getting a larger one that you have had your eye on for a long time. (Note: even though I am a firm believer in LCD's over Plasma, plasmas are a few hundered dollars cheaper and if you know your children are prone to breaking things... it might be the way to go.)

Replacing the screen is possible, but more costly than the new T.V.

Probably has a faulty backlight that is built into the screen.

it would be very expensive for replacing the screen,even the dealer won't afford that.

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