Ipod lights up then goes out, then lights up again and repeats this cycle, no logo seen.

This is a 1st gen 1 gig nano that does not get far enough during the start up proccess to even get any text or apple logo at all. The screen lights up white, stays on about 1 second then goes out for about 4 seconds and then repeats this cycle till no battery life left. Is this a motherboard problem? is not recongized by itunes or computer.

Try resetting it by holding down the menu button and the center button at the same time until the apple logo pops up. It could also be a problem that I had before where you update the firmware and then it starts acting wierd. What you need to do is try and load it into a soundock like bose or logitech and it helps to reset the ipod. Hope this helps you out.

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