My new TV is set for cable. I do not have cable, I have an anten

My new 32 inch sansui hdtv with DVD player when turned on shows CABLE and ANALOGUE and when I enter a station number it is shown under the heading ANT.I DO NOT HAVE CABLE AND PURCHASED THE SET TO GET DIGITAL. The picture on the screen is analogue. I get all the local analogue VHF channels but can get only 3 UHF channels and there are about 6 analogue UHF channels in my local area.

Sansui TV's come from the factory set for CABLE. If this is a HDLCDVD320, you will have to go into the menu to change the signal type to AIR, then run the automatic search to program in your channels. Their free customer service line is 800 289 0980.

I hope this helps.

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