Sharp Aquos TV

Whenever there is music or applause on the program a display appears saying Cable, Analog (the channel number) audio and mono. How do I stop this from appearing on the screen.


How many times is the POWER LED blinking? (Don't worry about the OPC LED).

1x = Bad inverters/lamps
2x = Bad Power Supply
3x = Bad Main Board

Either way, there isn't anything you can do to fix this, you need to contact Sharp to have your TV serviced.


The tv wont turn on ... the gren power display keeps blinking and won't turn on...

What can I do? Thank-You! KarL

I just hung up from calling Sharp's customer service: I have the same problem and there is nothing to do about this, the television merely reflects the signal your cable distributor (I suppose that, like me, you have cable) is sending to your TV. If the signal fluctuates, the TV will show it, no maintenance can make it stop, it is normal behaviour for the TV.

According to Sharp, a way to solve this is to get a better, more stable signal from your cable distributor or switch to satellite; getting HD cable would apparently greatly diminish the frequency of this display.

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