Amp doesn't come on

My Clarion APX1300 amp was powering my 2 12" MTX subs, then the other day it just stopped working. Went behind head unit and everything is still connected, checked the fuses and they are ok. Unhooked my subs for a couple of days and noticed that my amp was coming back on. So I took my subs out and gave them to my GF since her subs didn't work anymore and the subs work fine in her car. Just bought some 10" Visoniks to put back in my car. Now the amp won't turn on again. Any answers?!

Hello rheabarb,

You did not say whether or not you checked the wiring going to your subs. Many times, a shorted or grounded speaker wire will cause an amp to fail. And if the amp powers up OK with the subs disconnected, I'd suspect one or more of the wires.

Hope this helps.

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