Have cable.........but not working

Ok so i have cable in my house. i tried hooking it up to the tv via direct to cable input and i only get 5 channels. i aquired a cable box hopeing if the tv just stayed at ch 3, it would let me watch all the channels. but it is just not working. all my other tv's pickup cable, in the same room, but just not this one. is there a special setting i need to activate? it's on cable aready so thats not the problem.

The GE (actually RCA) 31GT659 has the notorious CTC187 chassis. This chassis developes cracks in the solder joints on the shields around the tuner and microprocessor, and can mess up the settings stored in the EPROM IC. This could result in channels going snowy, vertical collapse, loss of sound and/or total shut-down. The set should be resoldered and reprogrammed by someone experienced with this RCA chassis.

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