No Cable Detected?

I have had my Olevia for almost a year and use it sparingly. It has always worked good unil last week. I turned it on and the screen said no input detected. I deceided to "re-start" the set as if I just bought it. Now I geta message that no channels are selected. I went to the menu to program in the channels and got a message that I could not auto program the st. I went to the manual program and the set could not find any channels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Is the TV still warranty? If there is warranty then avail it first so that no risk at your side.

If ever there is no warranty at all then you can open your TV back and verify the loss connection connecting your cable. This symptom also cause by TV tuner error and need to be checked personally by a qualified electronic technician.


ps, please do not rate me if the solution won't resolve, however; it is invaluable solution rate me acceptable.

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