My lawn mower doesn't start and when it does, smoke comes out of exhaust

After the lawn mower sits a few days in my garage, it doesn't start. I pull the start chain and nothing happens for quite a few tries.
After a while, it will starts up but a lot of smoke come out of the exchaust. Not sure why or what needs to be done to fix this.

Please answer me fast
Please pleasseee

I used my mower two weeks ago. Now it won!t start, I check the air filter,change the gas, check the

spark plug and it was soaked with gas. I clean the plug and set the gap and it still won!t start. It

sound like it wants to start but it will not start.

please answer me fast

Thank you very much

You may need to change the oil and/or empty the old gas and replace it with new.

This thing happens when you don't take care of your lawn mower for too long.

You may want to check the gas cap to see if it clogged with dirt. If the gas cap is clear, you more than likely have a carburetor problem. If you need tips on carb. cleaning, feel free to ask.


Hi Every 2 stoke engine needs three things to run:Fuel+oil/air mixture in correct proportions,compression and ignition.Remove the sparkplug and see if the spark appears when the piston in the cilinder is at top death point(almoust),if not check the flyweel key(not to be sheared).Check engine"s sealing(crankcase gasket,cilinder gasket,seals-crankshaft,carb gasket).Also the mufller(not to be clogged),disassembly the carb (check and clean it),fuel lines and fuel filter (check and clean them),gas cap tank vent(not to be clogged),the air filter.Please let me know. best regards savumihai71

Sounds like the engine is getting flooded because the carburetor float needle is not seating. Let me know if this helps.donnyb60

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