Stihl KM 55 won't start

The tool is less than a year old, and it has always been difficult to start. Oil/Gas mix is good however it has been sitting all winter.
But even when the gas was new, it was still difficult to start.

1. 1st change the spark plug to NGK BPMR 7A.

2. Set the kill switch to on position (I)

3. lock the throttle interlock on

4. Do not prime the fuel bulb...this may cause flooding.

5. set the choke to full choke.

6. pull the cord gently until the piston resists then pull hard

7. repeat pull a second time

8. open choke all the way

9. pull cord again hard.

engine should start within 2-3 pulls, release throttle and feather the throttle until stable

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