GE Simon3 Wireless Security system

I am not able to reset the passcode.I dont know the passode.I am trying 654321,54321,4321,321. Master code tried 123456,12345,1234,123.Its continously saying Please disarm first enter your access code.

It's been several days, so I assume you've done something to stop it all...

If you've not ripped it off the wall, the other thing to stop it completely is to shut it off (i.e. power down). If that's the case, the should default to 1234 after being powered down for several hours. Try 1234 again.

If your problem ain't fixed and the system is not in the trashcan yet, try this:
Open panel and enter Utility access code (654321 / 54321 / 4321 / 321), mostly it's 4321, unless someone changed the code.
Unplug from powersource and unplug battery.

Now comes the fun part....

Press Cancel + Clock set + Minutes+ at the same time and restore the power with the battery.
If it says "Hello, System XX OK" you've reset the panel to factory settings and can set up the whole system from the beginning.

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