Ceramic fuse blows on power board

Power board (Sony #APS-254, 147420221) keeps blowing 4amp ceramic slow blow fuse (T4AH, 250V). This is a pigtailed fuse, so it's a hassle to replace. Any ideas will be appreciated. Also, this started after a power surge. Board has been replaced once.

Check the transformers,and the capacitors.Zoom in the website picture of the board u going to buy,and ur power board.If these commponnents are the same vale's the board should have the same functions.

capacitors ar eleaking and the freq is not contaminated you will need a service center to repair this problem nothing you can do your self, sorry

It will be either BM board (Video Processor board) or Tcon Board (top side of panel). I have similar problem...my TV turns on, lamps turns on (you can see them from back side panel holes) but just a dark blue picture appears with no image (like picture when external input is selected without signal), no OSD appears....some times I can heard audio (using Antena).

I'm thinking getting the BM board.

The power board is shorted and will need replacement. Yo can get the power supply board from www.tvrepairworld.com

We had the same thing happen, it was the thermal fuse and cost us 400 to replace now it has been 6 mos. later and having the same problem. The part is only 22.00 but I am not sure I can replace it myself without messing up something else.

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