My NUVI 55 keeps turning off and on

My unit turns off and on while driving (yesterday approx. 20 times in 5 hour trip) and when I was connected to my computer to update maps and check for fixes to this problem




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Good explanation you gave. More than most do.
Make sure you have the latest nuvi "Firmware"
then update the maps. I would start with making sure you have the latest WebUpdater on your computer before you proceed with any updates.

If a nuvi 200 is has an older version of
system software glitches may occur. The device may be missing letters
or have jumbled letters or displaying duplicate letters or strange symbols on
the address screen. To correct this you will need to update the system software
of your nuvi. You can easily do this by using Garmin’s WebUpdater

Charge the unit overnight with a high capacity usb charger, 2A or higher. If the probably persists, you have either a batter issue (Amazon sells battery kits) or your car charging system is defective. Your device is not getting enough charge to stay on.

Please click on this link to obtain more information on this problem:

- Jim

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